Rapid Development and Distribution of Statistical Tools for High-Throughput Sequencing Data

Download and Install


Download RADIANT Genome Browser - methylseq plugin

Download RADIANT Genome Browser - Hi-C plugin

Download Savant (see below)

RADIANT Genome Browser Hi-C Data Sources file


Savant Genome Browser download instructions
Our technology relies upon the Savant Genome Browser 2.0 (by University of Toronto’s Computational Biology Lab). First of all, you need to download and install this application; please go to the download page and follow your platform specific instructions.
RADIANT Genome Browser installation instructions
The RADIANT Genome browser plugin extends the visualization and data exploration capability of Savant tailored to the needs of our consortium. Currently we have established a common visualization framework and we have implemented epigenetic data exploration. Install the RADIANT Plugin in the SAVANT Genome Browser program. From the plugin menu, choose “Plugin Manager…” and the dialog box below will be shown:


Click the button “Install from file”, locate the RADIANT plugin file and select ok. As reported above you will be notified of the state “Loaded” of the component.



We welcome your feedback on the RADIANT Genone Browser. Please send your comments via email to RADIANT